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I am dedicated to the Path of Service helping Awaken and empower others in a soothing and safe space. I facilitate Alchemical Transformations, Recalibration and Heart Expansion with the assistance of Ancient technology and Higher Beings of Light. The foundation of my work is Forgiveness thru Christ Consciousness.
I received my first Angelic Miracle at four years old when I was struck by a high-speed car and was thrown a considerate distance while crossing the street. I had no injuries as if cloaked by an invisible energetic shield! My mother was not present at the time of the accident but described recalling a dream in full “colors” she had that night of hundreds of Angelic Beings hovering above the house at the very moment she heard a very loud noise and screams on the street. She rushed to scene thinking I was dead only to find me slightly dazed in the ER with no injuries.
I RE-connected spiritually in 2009 when I perceived the presence of Numeric synchronicity just as life circumstances propelled me for a complete life RE-set! A new place to live, a new job, a new path! After returning from a trip, finding my self homeless with only a suitcase and car in my possession I made a stop at a Diner for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat and the precise cost was $9.99 on 9/9/09. My life number is also a 9. That number combination represented the end of a decade long karmic cycle and end of a chapter. It also meant that I had learned lessons that I was to share with others. It meant it was time to move on and prepare for my LIFE PURPOSE.
On the summer of 2012, I had a deep mystic experience while in Montauk, NY. and it was the start of significant life changes that now I recognize as INITIATIONS. I had a reconnection with the Angelic Realm in 2015 specifically with Archangel Michael and was greatly assisted in a time of great sadness and heartbreak that I consider the catalyst and Precious GIFT that enabled me to reconnect with the higher self and the Metaphysical Realm. Many new ‘ tests’ were presented and I connected with this very powerful and Divine Frequency that activated me to a whole new level of inner wisdom, love and compassion.
In late 2015 I began studying the Healing Arts and became certified in Crystal Healing simultaneously with Advanced Reiki. I could not deny certain abilities coming online along with reports of beautiful shifts in the wellness of people I was honored to practice on. By October of 2017, I founded New Earth Holistic Healing and became solely dedicated to the Healing Arts and developing my gifts. From 2016 till present I have received invaluable information of my Soul's Blue print via Channeling and Akashic Records . I am encoded and activated with the seeds of Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturian Elders, Rainbow Dimension Beings and Elohim also connected with the Angelic Realms.
I am activated to be a seed of Christ Consciousness upon connecting with the frequency of forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love . I now live in full authenticity and deep gratitude for the remembrance of my SOUL PURPOSE on this planet and to ground light for The New Earth.

Science of Crystals

Many mainstream scientists, researchers and skeptics are quick to dismiss the claim that crystals have any mystical or magical healing properties which can be attributed to them. In reality, there is plenty of credible research that has been carried out on this topic which they seem to automatically overlook or ignore.

Many people are familiar with claims of crystal healing, scrying, divination and the like, and many of us are familiar with the legend of the crystal skulls—skulls that are said to have information about the mysteries of the universe encoded in them—yet how many of us are familiar with the actual science behind how crystals are allegedly able to store such data in the first place? Not many, it would seem.

Perhaps the most notable and the most popular out of all the types of crystal that exist is clear quartz, also known as rock crystal. Quartz is known as the ``master healer``, due to its alleged capacity to help heal many ailments. It is also believed to be able to retain and store huge amounts of information for future usage.

Quartz Crystals Enable Data Storage

If you’re already skeptical about the alleged power of quartz crystal, there are a few things you may want to consider, for example, how many of you have a laptop, computer monitor or mobile phone which uses an LCD display?

LCD, of course, stands for liquid crystal display. That’s right, crystals are used in the screens of many electronic devices. Although LED (light emitting diode) screens are now becoming more popular, until recently, LCD screens had become the standard model . . . and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

One of the most credible facts supporting the alleged power of quartz crystal, is the way that microchips work. Of course, microchips are used in all sorts of modern technologies, from mobile phones and computers, to rockets and missiles. It was the microchip that revolutionized the world of technology, brought us modern computing and also revolutionized space travel (hint, hint).

You may want to ask yourself, how is it that microchips can continue to store data even when there is no electronic power being fed to your device? For example, you can turn your computer off and take the battery out, but even when you start it back up again, the computer still knows what to do—the information it needs to function is retained within the microchips, even when there is no power source. It was also announced fairly recently that quartz has the ability to store data for up to three million years! How?

The answer to this lies in silica dioxide.

Silica Dioxide Is a Naturally Occurring Element Used in Electronics

Silica dioxide or quartz has been known about for thousands of years. It is a constituent of sand and is most often found in nature in the form of quartz. Amazingly, quartz is also found in many living biological organisms.

Silica dioxide is an important component for the functionality of computers and other similar electronic devices. In other words, if quartz crystal didn’t have the attributed value of being able to store large amounts of data, then you wouldn’t have the technology to be able to read this article.

It’s the storage capacity of the quartz crystal contained within your device (computer) that makes it possible for you to be able to view this article in the first place. Without the storage capacity of quartz, you would not be able to do it, and there would be no such thing as computing or other such examples of modern technology.

In this respect, you may want to consider how it’s allegedly possible to store information within quartz crystal using intent, and how this function is also similarly carried out by computer technology in order to store data . . . and it certainly doesn’t end there.

Marcel Vogel and Sacred Shapes

“The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a crystalline state of perfection and balance. When it is precisely cut to the proper geometric form and when the human mind enters into relationship with its structural perfection in the vibration of love, the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power and grasp of the user’s mind. Imaged thought intent is amplified.”— Marcel Vogel

Marcel Vogel was a research scientist who worked for IBM San Jose Research Center for a total of 27 years. During this period, Marcel Vogel attained 32 patents for his inventions, including a magnetic coating for 24″ hard drives, phosphor technology and liquid crystal systems.

Marcel left IBM after 27 years in order to carry out more scientific research on the properties of quartz, and went on to attain more than 100 patents after leaving. Marcel’s work is not something to be taken lightly, and he was awarded an honorary doctorate for several inventions, innovations and papers documenting his research.

In collaboration with Chicago University’s Dr Peter Pringsheim, Marcel Vogel published the much-celebrated Luminescence in Liquids and Solids and Their Practical Application thesisBased on his extensive research into what could be called ether physics, Marcel went on to develop what is now known as the Vogel-shaped crystal.

Classic pictures of diamonds and crystals, such as the one shown above, show the geometric structure of the Vogel shape. Vogel’s research led him to conclude that this geometric structure caused the flow and accumulation of health-promoting life-force energy in the form of negative ions.

This same geometric structure is found naturally all over the world and is, perhaps, most notably associated with the shape of the pyramids. This, of course, ties in with the field of sacred geometry which is beyond the scope of this article, although I will tell you that it ties in with the sacred geometric structure of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Vogel’s research into the incredible power of such geometric shapes has been corroborated by many others, such as Dan A. Davidson, who carried out over 35 years’ worth of research on shape power and ether physics and who came to similar, if not identical, conclusions. This research was documented in his book, Shape Power.

Crystal Visions Documentary

In this documentary, the late Michael Gienger who had studied crystals for over 25 years, and others, first provide a bit of information about the mythology behind crystals before going on to unequivocally prove that crystals do indeed have a healing effect on humans, and most notably on their energy field.

They do this by hooking people up to a computer which uses a software program that measures changes in the subject’s energy field in real-time. The demonstration clearly shows changes being made in the auric field (aura) by simply placing a crystal on the back of someone’s hand. Of course, this is also relevant to the alleged chakra system used by the human body which can, technically, also be detected and confirmed in the same way.

In the documentary, the researchers describe the topic of how sacred geometry applies to crystals and also touch upon the nature of the human etheric and astral body (energy body), although they don’t go too deep into this topic for obvious reasons.

Dr Masaru Emoto Discovers How Energy Influences Geometric Structure

Another credible scientist who carried out plenty of research on crystals and who has also confirmed and corroborated the conclusions of the above researchers is the late Dr Masaru Emoto. Dr Emoto’s work has become extremely well-respected in recent times, especially since the latest discoveries in quantum physics.

Dr Emoto, however, didn’t carry out research on precious stones or gems, but carried out research on the true nature of water crystals. Dr Emoto discovered that snowflakes have a natural geometric structure and that no two snowflakes are the same.

Dr Emoto came to the conclusion that if snow is made from water, then water should also be capable of forming geometric structures, and went on to carry out research on this phenomenon. What Dr Emoto discovered was astounding. He discovered that the vibrations of words, sounds and frequencies had a direct effect on the geometric structure of water crystals.

By playing different types of sounds, it was found that happy, joyous music would have a positive effect on the geometric formation of water crystals whereas sad, depressing or heavy (i.e. low vibration) music would have a negative effect on the formation of the crystals.

The experiments were also carried out by simply labelling jars of water with certain words, such as “love”, “peace”, “hate” and “war”. It was found that the crystal formation of water responded positively to words like “love” and “peace”, and responded negatively to words like “hate” and “war”, as though the water knew the meaning of those words.

Further experiments were conducted using human thought, prayer and intent, and the very same results were achieved. It was found that human consciousness, prayer and intent had a direct effect on the crystalline makeup of the water molecules.

Scientific Findings Back Crystal Healing

In conclusion, decades worth of scientific research and experimentation into various types of crystals and other natural geometric structures clearly shows that claims of crystal healing and placing intent into crystals such as quartz are much more credible than skeptics would have us believe.

Not only does the evidence show that it is indeed possible to focus intent into quartz crystals and have them retain information and carry out beneficial functions, but it also shows that the same can be done with the water you drink and quite possibly the food you eat, as well as potentially everything else around you.

The real evidence of crystal healing, however, lies in the phenomenon of how their natural geometric shape causes a flow and accumulation of health-promoting negative ions which are already being used in other modern fields of therapy, and further gives crystal healing even more scientific credibility.