Quantum Holistic Healer

Simone Silk

My gift is Transformation and the foundation of this work is forgiveness. I work by identifying the ``Root Cause`` of ailments that are most likely directly related to an Spiritual, Emotional or Mental cause. The body is a perfect communicator of what is happening around our field of energy. What is stagnating, festering and unresolved E -motions (energy in motion) that is waiting for release and resolve. Forgiveness is a potent dissolving agent to start the release of this density from the dept of our fields. Energy Healing works on every level of your life - Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. We will transmute energetic debris that are not serving by integrating the Quantum Frequencies of Crystals; Tuning Forks; Pyramid; Reiki; Prayer and focused Intention. You will experience a shift in your energy and reality, while unlocking your innate gifts for your highest and best self!

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So what can energy healing do for you? 

1) Release old behaviors. Energy healing helps you tap in the root of your problems to release any old, habitual thinking and behaviors that keep you from experiencing abundance, health, connection and joy in your life. Want to lose weight, stop smoking or Kick an addiction? Try energy medicine.

2) Restore your health. When you put your knowledge to use through energy healing, you can restore balance to the basic systems of your body, such as digestion and circulation, and promote overall wellness and immunity.

3) Achieve goals. When using energy healing you can develop success mentality that steers you to abundance. You can let go of old feelings like guilt and regret, and begin to overcome fears that hold you back. Then you will be able to rebuild your self-confidence from inside and out.

4) Live a more peaceful life. You can ease the pain of depression and find joy again in everyday life by releasing stress and anxiety and replacing it with a renewed sense of serenity and self-confidence. Energy healing will help you get to the pent-up anger so you can move forward toward compassion and understanding and begin living a more peaceful life.

5) Find your sense of purpose. Energy healing gives your life a deep and unshakable sense of purpose and meaning. It encourages your natural intuition to guide you in positive ways and empowers your connections to all of the people in your life.

Energy healing is a very powerful tool when you apply intention with an open heart and mind. I hope you begin your healing journey today by looking inward and being open to receive. If this resonates with you don’t hesitate to contact me via phone or text for information on how to prepare for session.


Energy Healing is not a substitute for Medical care and consultation. It is a supportive and integrative system that is complimentary to treatment by a licensed medical care provider. Energy Healing is not a diagnostic method, medical treatment, or a cure. Consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment.


What My Clients Say About Their Experience

I felt "hugged by life" - 

I am an energy-healing therapist myself (acupuncture, hands-on-healing, sound healer, etc).  I am VERY picky about who I get therapy from.  My intuition told me that Simone's work would help me... and she did indeed help.   I work with an intense population of people (I repetitively cool down hot cancerous tumors to comfort and extend life), so I need a high level of self-care.

My session with Simone was very high level energy work!  I could sense her collaborating with the consciousness of the crystals and minerals that she used.  Her ego was not interfering with the Reiki she did (that usually only comes with lots of practice and talent).  I felt great after the session.  Over the next few days I felt the earth "holding" me... such a wonderful awareness of safety and love.  It has stayed with me.

If you want to support your healing process with a beautiful and effective psycho-spiritual process, I highly recommend Simone.

Suzanne Clegg, RDN, LAc, Author

I had the gift of receiving treatment from Simone. Her space is created and maintained with intention. She provides calm nurturing energy. Simone works with Reiki, crystals, essential oils and mantras to tune into and release your barrier to ultimate self. I highly recommend her practice.

Dr. carolina Hartridge, DO

Simone is amazing! She has a gift. I've only had a few sessions and already i fell a whole world of difference. Reiki gives me focus and clarity. It relieves my pain both physical and mental. I am so grateful for this experience.

Rebeca Stronsky

I had never done Reiki or Crystal healing , but have always been intrigued by the practice. Recently I have been going through a lot and was in of need guidance that was outside of traditional talk therapy or other like modalities. I was immediately drawn to Simone , because she just exudes love , everything about her. Her energy is so joyful and playful and she puts you at ease at an instant. She was very empathic and was genuinely concerned about what areas I wanted to work on and what my emotional and physical ailments were. It was very easy to talk to her . I am new to this so it was exciting but I had no idea what I was in for. The experience in itself and her room is stunning , sage , aromatherapy, meditation music. All my senses were ignited . I felt like I was on a mini one day retreat. I felt hot and cold in some parts of my body. There was a lot of movement happening in the session and it was very much like an outer body experience. I felt rejuvenated but a little raw and open as these crystals had definitely done their work. The next morning I woke up before my alarm clock with lots of energy. I felt lighter and just happier. Everything just flowed and I felt calm and at peace. To note I suffer from anxiety and somehow everything felt aligned today without knots in my stomach. I am looking forward to our next session as I know it gets better and better as more shifts and transformations happen. I cannot wait . I was slightly skeptical at first , I would absolutely recommend this form of healing that Simone so amazingly executed, to everyone . I was truly given a gift of her magic hands and service

Milena Riservato

I had never done crystal healing before & WOW. I could really feel the energy & crystals healing my body. Simone is so kind & loving & creates such a safe space to let go & heal. She is so passionate & dedicated about her work and now uses an incredible biomat too. Thank you so much Simone!!!

Jani Moon

When I was referred to Simone Biots for crystalline Reiki last month my intention was to participate in a couple sessions before my spiritual retreat in Sedona so I would be sure to arrive grounded and with an open heart. Well I received that and so much more.

Opening my eyes after my initial session the light was so bright I felt like I was in an operating room and to my surprise it was only the natural light from outside coming in on a cloudy morning.

I had this renewed sense of being reborn almost.

That week I began noticing a shift in how I treated myself and how I felt in social interactions. I had suddenly become much more comfortable in random conversation where previously I had this slightly nervous “I don’t want to say the wrong thing and seem weird” kind of energy. AND I was noticeably improving on being more curious -as opposed to beating myself up emotionally- about my out-of-alignment choices.

Then seven days after my first Reiki I was there with Simone again. This session came with a less intense immediate energetic result AND that has been an amazing reminder for me not to compare and judge because I am blown away at the results that followed over the next ten days.

During my second visit I had a vision of a crystal come to me; witches finger. Simone advised me to hold this stone and feel into it to see if I had a connection. I did this and purchased the cluster of stones that I had been looking at on the shelf of my yoga studio but never really found visually appealing -ironic as now I see it as my most beautiful stone  From the moment I brought her home I began having vivid dreams. One night after another my dreams came to me each night more clearly than I’ve ever experienced.

After researching I found that this stone assists with so many things I have been writing as intentions in my journal for months.

Every night I set intentions to manifest recollections of my dreams for months without any physical results until I found her!

And I can feel more powerful manifestations coming as I work with her every day when I meditate.

Today I noticed a shift that may be my most profound upgrade that crystalline reiki has helped guide me to. I was watching a Facebook live I had posted and I was captivated by my beauty. I have never looked at a pic of me without any makeup or fancy clothes and refrained from judging myself and not only was I not judging myself, I was absolutely enthralled with how pretty I looked. AND that feels so powerful and liberating!

I am so grateful this beautiful connection has come into my life and I am excited to see the continued growth and healing that Simone and her magical crystal reiki work guides me to open myself up to.

Jasmine Rose

What an incredible experience it was to meet Simone and have a reiki/crystal healing with her. It was my first time with this type of treatment. She’s not only a wonderful person- she has such a gift. I felt every area she went over (with tingles or pressure) with me after telling me what each signifies and I felt so at peace, happy and calm, and this has lasted for weeks now. I also find myself figuring out the root of the areas that she unblocked and feel so happy, empowered and free. I will most certainly be back- it’s like taking a vacation and walking out feeling lighter. I also want to add that I live in nyc and am very lazy when it comes to leaving the city and especially in the winter, but going to her home and the room where she does her work is absolutely worth it. It’s a special room and with all her crystals and set-up I would miss it being elsewhere. I’m so grateful a friend recommended her to me!

Kimberly Glickenhauls Durana

I was recommended to Simone from a very trusted friend and healer. At the time, I wasn’t ready to work on myself, and it has taken a year for me to come back to Simone. One day, she just popped into my head and I gave her a call. (Totally meant to be)

I had an amazing experience with Simone. I came in for my first session after a year full of anxiety in various aspects of my life, and felt like I had a big blockage in my throat chakra. The amount of care, listening and understanding she put in to my situation was amazing, and before I knew it I felt very relaxed and heard. After I left, I experienced an immediate change in my professional and personal life, which I believe solely had to do with this initial treatment.

Simone is a loving healer, who checks up and makes you face yourself, and advocates for you to be your best. I highly recommend, even for people who are skeptical or aren’t fully to start working on themselves, this will change your perspective and I can’t wait to continue working together on this journey!

Asma Ali

I met Simone for the first time back in April when I had my first session. I nervously emailed her since this was my first experience with crystals and reiki and to my surprise she responded promptly and assisted on giving me her first available appointment that same night. Luckily I was available and the rest is history! There is so much I can say about Simone but the most important part is how beautiful and caring her soul is. She is incredibly gifted and during our sessions together she has taught me so much. She really takes her time to establish a relationship with her clients and gets to know them on a deeper level. I instantly felt comfortable with Simone and in her beautiful home/space. Many times during sessions with Simone I have experienced things I have never experienced before. I have felt burning in the back of my head and other body parts while she moved and released stagnant energy, I have felt tapping on my third eye, dizziness while laying still(like the table was spinning) and have experienced the most beautiful display of colors and rainbows during session. I know that her healing is powerful because I experience it every time I see or speak with her. I have been experiencing signs, animal spirits, light energy and repeating number ALL THE TIME since meeting. She had also done crystal work on my ovarian cysts since I suffer from PCOS and experienced much relief! My cysts have gotten much smaller and less painful during the months I see Simone. I urge anyone who is interested in this type of healing work to call Simone ASAP! The journey of opening up your spirituality is so beautiful but can be difficult and sensitive because it is not a straight path and brings out past life&inner child healing as well as surfacing and breaking old patterns. Having someone like Simone by your side to talk to and guide you through this journey is incredible and I am so thankful for her in my life.

Kait McCartney